Paint Protection and Mobile Car Detailing, Perth

Paint Protection Ceramic Coating Perth Commodore before
Paint Protection Ceramic Coating Perth Commodore before

As your car ages so does the layer of protection on your car’s surface. This coating sits above your car’s paint surface in order to protect your car from scratches and the environment, and is what gives your vehicle its final shine and gloss. Overtime as the elements are in contact with this layer, it can cause it to degrade and peel off. Parking under trees and allowing the sap of leaves to sit on your car, bird acid and UV rays are some examples of everyday environmental factors that can also affect the paint layer. For a car enthusiast, the constant buffering when washing and detailing your car is another potential cause in the deterioration in the paint. Whilst waxing and polishing your car on a regular basis serves its purpose for a person wanting to maintain their car at home, these products have a short lifespan and you could be wasting excessive amounts of time trying to maintain your vehicle using this method.

This is where the Bumpa Man Team comes in. We can perform paint protection on your vehicle using several different types of Nano coatings depending on the type of paint protection that works for you and your vehicle. The aim of these Nano coatings is to remove the scratches, swirl marks and any other damages that may have occurred and restore your vehicle back to a near new shine and gloss.

When it comes to the high quality products we use, our paint protection range is no exception. Max Protect Ultimate Nano Coatings are a premium product that performs to the exceptional high standard that the Bumpa Man team expects. Depending on what your requirements are, and where the protection is being applied will inevitably decide what product from the range will be used. The products in the Max Protect range are broken down into ceramic glass and rubber coatings and the decision to use each is based on the body part requiring the paint protection, but also how you would like your car aesthetically look. By applying a paint protection using one of the products below, we are completely sealing in the car’s surface. What this means for you is that your car’s surfaces will stay cleaner for longer and any cleaning products can be used at a minimum to repel nature of the coat. The Bumpa Man team does not stop at protecting the paint on the exterior of your vehicle, but we can also treat alloy rims, tailpipes, plastic trims and your leather interior.

Paint Protection Ceramic Coating Perth Commodore after
Paint Protection Ceramic Coating Perth Commodore after

The below products are the selection that the Bumpa Man team carry and are included as part of our Maximum protection and Premium car protection mobile detailing packages.

The original Nano glass coating from Max Protect and can be used on a wide array of vehicle parts. This coating is super durable, highly resistant to many chemicals and contains its own UV filters in the product, making it ideal for use in our Australian sun. This coating restores plastic trim and seals the surface allowing water, dirt and oil to slide off. UNCV1 adds a deep gloss to your cars paintwork and is perfect for a person who has limited time to maintain their vehicle.

The most durable of the Max Protect range, this is another of the Nano glass coatings that is on offer. Like the V1 coating, it contains a built-in UV filter which protects from both UV and IR rays. The UNC V2 is extremely fast drying and seals the paint so well that it is considered a super-hydrophobic product making it highly repellent to any liquids. This coating is used for people who are looking to achieve an ultra-deep gloss with mirror-like properties.

UNC-R 1.5
Specifically tailored for hotter climates, this Nano rubber coating helps protect your car’s surface from stone chips when driving along unsealed roads. The UNC-R 1.5 provides a smooth, glossy appearance and is ultra-resistance to water staining after washing your vehicle.

When it comes to protecting metal, painted rims and brake callipers, the UNC V3 is the go to. This glass coating is designed to stop aluminium rusting but can be utilized on any metal, ferrous and non ferrous. The coating is heat resistant up to 1200 degrees making it perfect for the exhaust or any part of the engine that has direct heat.

Whether you are looking to sell or are just a person who values the aesthetic of your car, a paint protection on its own, or within one of our offered mobile car detailing packages , is a great way of restoring its original gloss and protecting it in the future. All our detailing packages include a dust off and comprehensive vacuum to the inside of your vehicle. Our car wash and cleaning packages all start by performing a high pressure rinse and then apply a deep foam spray and soak. Using our premium products we will then give your vehicle a gentle hand wash including cleaning the wheels. Once the car’s exterior is washed, your Bumpa Man technician will use a microfiber towel to dry the entire car. We will also polish the metal exhaust tips on your car as well as dress your tyres. From this step onwards, depending on the level of mobile detailing package you choose, extra services will be included.

Mobile Car Detailing Perth
Mobile Car Detailing Perth

Mobile Car Detailing Packages

Interior Refreshment
$135 small/ $155 medium/ $175 large
This is perfect for those wanting to give the inside of your car a little facelift. Included in this package is a full interior and exterior glass detail to the car including cleaning door jams. A car wash and cleaning as listed above is also included in an interior refreshment. For those who have leather or vinyl in their car, we apply a treatment to these areas to restore their appearance. Hi-gloss enhancer and sealant is used to finish off your vehicle.

Exterior paint correction*
$355 small/ $385 medium / $425 large
Applied to the whole car or where required, an exterior paint protection is used where your vehicle requires a buff and polish in order to restore and bring life back to its appearance. Before work is started on the paint correction the technician will take paint depth measurements to identify areas to target. From this step a clay bar paint decontamination and iron fallout remover is used to remove any contaminants, including iron that may be on the surface of the car and hinder the application. During the process your car is completely masked up to avoid any damage to other panels and a 1 stage swirl and hologram free paint correction is performed. Your car will be treated to the list of detailing mentioned above as well as a final hand polish paint sealant.

Max Protection*
$750 small / $850 medium / $950 large
Stepping up to the Max protection package, our mobile car detailer will perform a 2–3 stage swirl and hologram free paint correction to get the best possible finish. We follow this with a Max protect Nano paint protection which aligns best with your vehicle’s requirements. Also included are the base package steps which include a comprehensive vacuum and dust.

Premium Car Protection*
$1199 small / $1299 medium / $1399 large
For the ultimate car enthusiast the premium car protection package includes everything listed in the Exterior paint protection package including a car wash and cleaning. Our mobile car detailing package also includes Max Protect Nano paint protection, Max Protect High temp Nano exhaust and rim coating, and Max Protect Windscreen & glass Nano coating. This is a sure-fire way of enhancing your vehicle and getting heads turning on the road.

Pre-Sale Detailing
$450 small/ $470 medium / $490 large
When it comes time to sell your car, the Pre-sale detailing package can freshen up and increase the car’s appeal to prospective buyers. Bumpa Man will pre-rinse your vehicle and then perform a 1 stage paint correction which also contains minor chip repair. A headlight restoration is performed on both lights to give immediate impact to the front of the vehicle. As part of this package we also include an interior refreshment detail. Because we are a mobile car detailing team, we come direct to you giving you more flexibility with your day.

Optional extras
$135 small / $155 medium / $175 large
Extras can be added at the time of your mobile car detailing to enhance your vehicle further.
● Windscreen & Glass Nano coating — $185
● Nano Glass Coating for Bare Metal — $165
● Ultimate Leather, vinyl Clean & Coat — $185
● Chrome & metal Polishing — Price per inspection
● Headlight Restoration — $90 PL
● Engine Bay detail — $65

If you are interested in booking a mobile car detailing package or would like to discuss our paint correction services further, please get in contact with the Bumpa Man team via our online form, or call for a chat on 0409–296–025.

*Package prices are base only and may be subject to change upon the requirement of more extreme rectification methods.

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Mobile Bumper Repair Services Perth, Car Paint Correction, Headlight Restoration Services, Plastic Welding Services, Car Detailing and Paint Scratch Repair.

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Bumpa Man - Mobile Bumper and Car Repair Service

Bumpa Man - Mobile Bumper and Car Repair Service

Mobile Bumper Repair Services Perth, Car Paint Correction, Headlight Restoration Services, Plastic Welding Services, Car Detailing and Paint Scratch Repair.

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